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Transforming Trauma Free introductory online program PLUS a Free Personalized Breakthrough Session 

Welcome to our introductory online program, Transforming Trauma: Portal to Emancipation, an inclusive space of transformation, where we gather to share our individual processes of healing from shame & trauma. The toxic effects of shame & trauma can come from a number of sources – societal or religious socialization, abusive relationships as an adult, abuse received as a child, or even generational trauma handed down through DNA and/or family dynamics. We address all that here. While these forms of stored trauma can affect our physical health as well, that is not our primary focus – there are many forums that focus exclusively on physical wellness, and we honor those.

Here we seek a holistic healing that addresses all levels – emotional, energetic, intellectual and physical. We hold that all levels must be healed for the healing to be complete. And we do boldly claim that word – ‘healing.’ This directly contradicts a sort of bypass that occurs in some circles, where the idea that “we are already perfect, and don’t need healing."

About Freyja Inanna:

Born into a polygamist community, Freyja spent her life entrenched in a deeply patriarchal society. She excelled as an RN, midwife, natural healer and mother of 12 (now 13), serving both within and outside of her religious community. Reclaiming her divine power seven years ago, she drew in her perfect partner, Mika Inanna, Reiki Master/Engineer. 

Together they have created a sacred partnership, shedding the restrictions imposed by society and religion, and stepping into their true passion and highest calling: Guiding others on the path of healing, self-reverence and freedom. For those who are ready for more, they offer intensive healing retreat programs in Costa Rica, as well as interactive online programs, where they create deep healing and powerful transformation on the mental/emotional/energetic/body-levels simultaneously.

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