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IISF Resource Sheet "Checklist for a Great Sex Life"

A self-assessment quiz of 14 questions covering relationships and the body, mind, and spirit and  to be used as a tool to determine areas for personal growth and self-discovery that will improve one's sexual health and well-being. This is one of a set of five different resources developed by the Incarnation Institute for Sex & Faith.


Rev. Dr. Beverly Dale is the Chair and Founder of the non-profit, Incarnation Institute for Sex & Faith where she trains professional leadership an inclusive, science-friendly, and sex-positive Christianity. Besides this training she also provides resources for those trapped in the purity culture including a four-part webinar series, Reading the Bible with Sex-Positive Eyes, and a discussion guide for her YouTube series Sex is Good. In addition, she co-authored with sexologist Rachel Keller, Advancing Sexual Health for The Christian Client, Data and Dogma co-authored, that combines the insights of science with a sex-positive Christian theology. As a Disciple of Christ pastor currently serving as clergy-in-residence at a United Christian Church, she also teaches courses on sexuality and religion a professor at Lancaster Theological Seminary. Besides pastoring in the local parish she has served as an ecumenical campus ministry at the University of Pennsylvania where she was known as a straight ally serving as an advisory board member of the LGBT Center as well on the boards of the Penn Women's Center, and the African American Resource Center. She is an artist and musician and has written, produced and performed in her one-woman show, An Irreverent Journey From Eggbeaters to Vibrators.

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